Cast and Crew!

Cast in alphabetical order:

Ty Anderson

Ty Anderson is a character voice actor based in Texas. Ty’s influences range from Looney Tunes, classic Saturday Night Live & SCTV to Mel Blanc, Robin Williams and 1970s Godzilla movies.

His recent voice works include Alexa Storytime, the Amazon Kids reading app, Rapids, FUNKO and Narrator for the soon to be released, award-winning films Beloved Beast and The Chosen. He has also voiced several characters for Gearbox Software and Hi-Rez Studios! Ty prefers performing villain voices.

In Ty’s free time he enjoys hanging out with his family (believe it or not), watching movies, animation and disc golf.

Ty Anderson voices Roger Overnaut, Grant Grizzly, and additional characters.

Andrew Abernathy

Andrew is a husband, father, commercial and character VA, and marketing director. Having been a fan of voice acting since 2016, he took the plunge in 2019 to get trained up and start auditioning. Acting is a valuable avenue for self-expression, something he wants to pass down to his son.

Andrew voices additional characters.

Abraham Ayala

Abraham Ayala is a passionate screenwriter from Houston Texas, with a main focus on comedy and sci-fi. In 2018, he worked as judge and curator for the Bechdel Film Festival, where he also produced a table read for the winning script.

In 2019, he graduated with a screenwriting certificate from Houston Community College. That same year, he was nominated for the “Student of the Year” award. Abraham’s web-series “Be Mine” debuted his screenwriting career, and was produced by HCC. His roles in the series include head-writer, director, AD, and editor.

Abraham Ayala voices Ozzy Possum and additional characters.

Bonnie Bogovich

Bonnie has spent over a decade designing audio on a variety of award-winning educational products, virtual and augmented reality simulations, interactive experiences, and theme park attractions.  She is also active as a voice actor, not just in games and education, but also the audio drama and audio fiction scene, and has been involved in two projects so far to be featured at the HEAR NOW Audio Fiction NATF showcase: Cryptic Canticles presents The Dracula Radioplay Experience and The Call of the Flame.

A self-proclaimed “choir junkie”, she regularly performs with a variety of operatic, choral, and musical ensembles, which led her to co-creating and producing the original productions “Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera“, and the MAGfest and VGM scene touring series “Super Smash Opera“ and it’s sequel “Aria Kart”. She is a frequent arranger and vocalist for a plethora of video game tribute albums by record label The Materia Collective. And… on top of it all… she loves puppetry. See “the Bwak Choir” for one of the latest examples of her exploits.  A Pittsburgh Native, now celebrating her 2nd year of living in Austin, she works under her LLC “BlackCatBonifide”.

Bonnie Bogovich voices Aida Sanantonio, Sariel, and additional characters.

Rachel Boyd

Rachel is a freelance voice artist who works as a musician and audio engineer to pay the bills. She boasts a Masters of music in Jazz Studies and produces radio programs for KTTZ-FM, a local public radio station in Lubbock, Texas. She spends the rest of her time knitting and practicing voices in front of her dog, Hef. 

Rachel Boyd voices Miss Penny Dollarnickel, Tina Taco, and additional characters. Rachel Boyd is also producer and editor of all episodes of Codename: Blank.

Jonathan Bynum

Jonathan Bynum is a Houston native with over 30-plus shows on stage and screen under his belt. He is excited to be back home and making his Codename: Blank debut with the amazing people in the cast. In his free time, Jonathan likes to write, play piano, and have long walks on the beach. Then gets told to go back inside because we’re in quarantine. 

Jonathan voices Detective Mash and additional characters.

Spencer Eaton

Spencer Eaton is a voice actor from Houston, Texas. Spencer has always had an affinity for acting and expressing himself through various character voices. He has been a part of several student projects and even starred in the film Spencer’s Specious Awakening. He also had a guest appearance on the podcast Dungeon Derailed.

Spencer voices Dr. Adam Von Baum and additional characters.

Brandon Greer

Brandon Greer is a writer and actor living in West Texas. He has been in many theater productions, and has starred in web series and short films like Phantom Nights, Be Mine, and Bounce Back. His short stories “Something Happened to the Food” and “Buffalo Gals” were published in Allegory Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2020/2021 edition and Aphelion Ezine’s May issue respectively. He made his first foray into podcasting with a role in the horror podcast Sirenicide. Brandon is the creator of Codename: Blank.

Brandon Greer voices Howard Blank, Johnny Taco, and additional characters.

Ron Guan

Ron is a voice actor based out of Toronto, Canada. A first generation Chinese immigrant from a very young age, he learned English watching Blues Clues, Pokemon, and whatever else was on TV. He is a tabletop RPG GM of many years and a huge fan of Animation (Anime & Western alike). His vocal range spans from mid-Baritone to mid-Tenor (though his singing skills are a work in progress!). His voice can be heard most recently in the #otomejam2021 visual novel Apartment No. 9 as the protagonist’s boyfriend Akuji, and as Hermes in the Audio Drama podcast Echobox, with more announcements to come throughout the year! 

Ron voices additional characters.

Faith Kakshak

Faith Kakshak is a Voice Actor and Podcaster based in New York City. She has produced and acted on many short audio stories and on the audio series “I work the night shift at a library” on her podcast;  Ficsuasion Podcast, her voice is featured voice in Audio Dramas like chaotic idiots. When she’s not voice acting and producing she’s taking on acting roles in local theatre shows such as the Gravesend inn.

Faith voices Judge Rudy.

Tylor Jones

Tylor Jones attended Houston Community College and received a certificate in Screenwriting. He has produced short films and homemade commercials, has voice acted in cartoons, and has written and self-published a children’s book, “The Climb.”

Tylor voices Detective Taters.

Chloe Juniper

Chloe Juniper is an Integrative Studies major with a focus in Psychology, Counseling, and Rehabilitation. She plans to attend a Master’s Program for Counseling and become a Play Therapist. She’s always been passionate about the Arts and is an avid cinephile and fiction reader and writer. She does theater in her spare time and is honored to be a part of Codename: Blank, her first voice acting job and her favorite scripted comedy podcast. 

Chloe voices Brenda Enchilada.

Josh Lake

Josh is a video finishing artist and voice actor based in Austin, TX. Vocally trained for many years, Josh has experience in choral and modern singing, voice acting, improv, and charisma coaching. He boasts a decade of video finishing, another decade of vocal training, and three years of professional voice acting and four years of live/on-screen acting.

Josh Lake voices George Saurus, Lucien Noir, and additional characters.

Mai Le

Shortly after receiving her BA in Theatre from Stephen F. Austin State University, Mai Le moved to Houston in the summer of 2013. Since then, she’s been seen around the local entertainment scene in theatre productions and readings, film festivals, commercials, and web ads. 

Even though she’s not a native, she loves Houston and can say that, like many Houstonians, she’s held awkward eye contact with James Harden way too many times – including two separate restaurants, and then in one Adidas commercial – in case anyone was asking. She is signed with Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency.

Mai Le voices Trisha Taco, Ming Wa, and additional characters.

Jeff Novaez

Jeff Novaez is a filmmaker from Houston, Texas. He started making short films as a way to tell stories as a child. What started as a hobby gradually became a profession as well as an obsession. He has written and directed short live-action films, most recently an episode of an upcoming comedy web series, Be Mine. Jeff specializes in animation, particularly stop-motion clay animation where the many characters that bounce around in his head take on a more tangible form. One of his favorite ways to make characters come to life is through voice acting. Jeff has voiced nearly all the characters for his animations and has also done commission voice acting work for other projects. Jeff is looking forward to providing his voice in this exciting new series!

Jeff voices Silly Dog, Million Mare, and additional characters.

Jess Paul

Jess Paul is an American actor and producer known for award-winning short “A Funny Man”,’s “Promenade” & 2014 Official Sundance Film Festival Selection, “The Immaculate Reception”

At 19, Jess self-produced the sketch show Wrecked Radio Newscovering today’s alternative music. The series obtained Youtube Partnership, 3 million+ views & an international fanbase before ending in 2014. She has portrayed roles in notable film, TV and webseries including Vicky in “Rehabilitation of the Hill” and the 3x Best Actress-winning role, Daisy, in “A Funny Man”.

Jess Paul will voices Vera Helpless and Hemlock.

Elsie Seastrand

Elsie Seastrand is a classically trained soprano who already has one play under her belt (She Kills Monsters) and wants to open more doors in the world of acting. One of the biggest things she’s proud of is the fact that she can yodel.

Elsie voices additional characters.

Addigale Stewart

Addigale has been in the voice field for many years, mainly working on audio books and audio dramas. Recently, she has been delving into writing her own stories for herself and other actors to tell. She starred as Josephine in The Book of Grey and as Linne in Who Are You Today? and is the writer for both audio dramas.

Addigale voices Skye Blue and additional characters.

James Takahashi

James is a Chicago-based voice talent with a diverse background in journalism, theatre, and luxury hospitality. After years of adoring the voice work in video games, anime, cartoons, and audiobooks, he decided to jump into the fold and bring to life the creations out there in need of a voice.

He has helped to voice for podcasts, audio dramas, web comics, and video games. Now, he is happy to be voicing for Codename: Blank.In his free time, James is also happy to be learning more as a connoisseur of coffee, ramen, and whiskey all the while scouring Spotify for new music.

James voices additional characters.

Edwyn Tiong

As a Malaysian-born Chinese who moved to Australia then to New Zealand then back to Australia again (and currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia), Edwyn Tiong possesses a uniquely accented voice that can be best described as “American with a hint of everything”. He’s brought his voice acting talents to projects such as Tangle Tower, Freedom Planet, Unavowed, Ghost Giant, Dust: An Elysian Tail and many more!

Edwyn voices Dr. Zheng and additional characters.

Jimmie Yamaguchi

Jimmie Yamaguchi has been involved in the entertainment industry in one form or another for over 15 years and has been voice acting professionally since 2019.  Some of his acting credits include: Mobile Legends, Tera, Death and Taxes, The Silt Verses, Empires and Allies,  Unmetal (Multiple roles) and HelloFresh

He received his BA in Communications, with a focus in theatre, from William Paterson University and has received top notch voiceover training from Anna Garduno, Chuck McKibben  and Edge Studio. When he isn’t diving into the world of voice acting, he can be found eating delicious ramen, playing tabletop rpgs, or spending time with his loving wife and daughter.

Jimmie voices additional characters.