Top Detectives!

The “Top Detectives” page is for friends of the show! If you have contributed to the show as a patron or have helped with production, your name will be up here!

Special Producers

Christopher Biggerstaff: Designer of the “Codename: Blank” logo

Rachel Boyd: Producer/Foley Artist/Composer

Caitlin Greer and Daniel Greer: Script Editors

Giorgianna Lomenzo: Website Designer

Leslie Pitts, CPA: Tax Consultant

Ryan R. Nitsch: Poster Artist 2020–Present

GPI Detectives (Patrons)

Sirenicide Podcast: Patron since 2019

Alberto De Jesus: Patron since 2020

Chloe Juniper: Patron since 2021

Matt Poole: Patron since 2021

Aaron Peckham: Patron since 2021

Jess Paul: Patron since 2021

Kelly Brennan: Patron since 2021

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